Wendy's Travel Blog | 2018 FRD Leadership Mission

Follow Wendy Berger, Senior Director of Philanthropy, as she documents her FRD Leadership Mission through Berlin and Budapest!

  • Day 1- July 12, 2018
    Day 1- July 12, 2018

    Day 1-- Suzanne Barton Grant (National Campaign Chair/JFNA-Delaware):
    Focus on lay/pro relationships and partnerships
    Will celebrate throughout the week all increased gifts and all new endowments and new giving levels

    - Rabbi Brad Hirschfeld (Scholar in Residence/CLAL):
    What baggage did you bring with you?
    Insights allow you to mobilize your values and share insights with others.

    We see what we believe & believe what we see.
    Berlin is a city once so divided - anything is possible. Now a reunified city. A beacon of light to the world.
    It is up to each of us to decide what we see and how we interpret it. Once we believe something, we will see it.

    We are the freest, richest, most powerful generation of Jews to ever walk the earth. There is nothing that we are not capable of doing. Everything we see is an invitation to create the world in which we most want to live. Nothing but will stands between us and the world we want to see. It is within our power to make the world what we want it to be. Nothing is impossible. Let our “baggage” inspire us to do the work we do as we say the Shehechiyanu.

    Brian Abrahams (JFNA):
    8th largest Jewish population in the world. “Our” people are here and we will stand united with them as we participate in a “Kippah Walk” to the synagogue.

    We are seeing that people don’t like umbrella giving anymore – people want to designate their gifts.
    We are raising $900 Mill in unrestricted giving. Another $900 Mill in endowment.
    Individualism and Sectarianism are fragmenting our Jewish world. We stand behind Jewish tradition and history – we must focus on the “WE” and not the “ME”. We are going to stay in this business to help Jews around the world, whether we know them or not. What we do is the antidote to much of the pain and division we are seeing in the world. Federation may not be “in fashion” right now, but what we do is critical and important and the work we do makes so many things possible and we bend the arc of Jewish history. We change the destinies and outcomes for hundreds of thousands of Jews every year. And we will continue to do that.
    Days are scrolls – write on them what you want to be remembered.

    We are there every single day and we are there when crisis hits as we have been since the beginning of Federation. For our ancestors, our parents and grandparents, our children and their children.

    Wendy Abrams:
    Together we will Reflect on the past and Dream about the Future.
    We are in “Chevruta” groups to learn and share together. We will elevate our work through storytelling.

    “People won’t remember what you said, they will remember how you made them feel”~ Maya Angelou

    Worked on our own personal stories and shared with our group

    Ed Sarotta (Scholar in Residence/Photographer):
    Worked in Atlanta, lives in Venice now. Stories – both telling and listening are equally important. While in Germany we will hear one story after another about Jewish history.
    UJA (now Federation) was formed the day after Krystallnacht in 1938. JDC was there to find permanent homes for Jews who were displaced and homeless after the holocaust.
    More that 150K Jews have come to Germany since 1990, created a Jewish revival in Berlin & throughout Germany that does not necessarily correlate to our ancestors who lived here prior to the Holocaust.

    Rabbi Josh Spinner (Exec VP of Ronald S. Lauder Foundation):
    Lives in Berlin with wife and 3 daughters. Moved here from US 18 years ago.

    We have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters wherever they live. And we have a responsibility to ourselves to ensure the future of the Jewish people. Lauder Foundation supports Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. We must help people help themselves – not tell them what we want them to do.

    Wearing a kippah in Germany today- there was an incident recently where someone (not Jewish) did an experiment by wearing one and was attacked. It depends on where in Germany/Europe you live. It is not an act of normalcy.

    Society should not be judged by what an individual does, but by what its response is. Europe is returning in many ways to its roots.

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